What is strong customer authentication ?

Strong customer authentication (SCA) is a new European regulatory requirement for reducing fraud and making online payments more secure. To accept payments and comply with SCA requirements, Payment Service Providers must add an additional authentication step in their payment flows. SCA requires that authentication uses at least two of the following three elements:

Banks will have to refuse payments that require strong customer authentication (SCA) if they do not meet the requirements of this authentication procedure. Although the regulations came into force on September 14th  2019, the new deadline fixed to fully apply these requirements is March 31st  2021.

With FRONTeO Sign, MAINSYS helps you comply with strong customer authentication requirements

Changes introduced by this new regulation will greatly affect online banking and electronic payment services in Europe.
In addition to supporting new authentication methods, we are convinced that choosing for MAINSYS as a recognized partner in security brings you significant added value in building a fluent, secure and high quality online banking and payment experience.
With more than 15 years of experience in online banking solutions and more recently with the arrival of PSD2, MAINSYS offers European banks a leading expertise in the field of security.

 Scan QR code

FRONTeO Sign,  Sign by app through QR code or notification, a frictionless authentication

The TOTP (Time-based One-Time Password) sent by SMS for Login and Signature is replaced by showing a QR code or receiving a mobile notification. The user will have to scan a QR code with the FRONTeO Mobile app or click on a notification. This generates a notification allowing him to visualize what he’s going to sign. Finally, the signature itself is done by Fingerprint or Face ID (or by App PIN code). With FRONTeO Sign, MAINSYS supports its clients moving to a passwordless authentication journey.



FRONTeO Sign is broken down in two components:

  • Mobile app installed by the customer from the stores (Google & Apple) implementing biometrics signature - Fingerprint/FaceID
  • Server-side cryptographic algorithms and persistence of customer actions ensuring non-repudiation

Fingerprint or FaceID is an alternative to the digit PIN code and the client has the option to activate/unactivate it.

From a mobile security perspective, the most recent technologies are being used to strengthen the security of FRONTeO Sign.

FRONTeO Sign simplifies two factor authentication (2FA)

With FRONTeO Sign and its global process, banks have a complete offer meeting the new authentication rules for PSD2, e-Banking and payment by credit card.

Solution for 3DS

FRONTeO Sign can easily integrate an e-commerce 3DSecure v2 flow to carry out the SCA according to the strategy of the banks - Pierre-Philippe Bastin, Head of Architecture

 With our technology, banks can focus on building a phased implementation and testing plan in order to ensure that the introduction of new SCA causes minimal disruption to their existing flows.

Our FRONTeO Sign solution helps banks to retain full ownership of the customer experience while benefiting from the flexibility to adapt to their specific conditions.

MAINSYS continues to work closely with its customers to ensure they migrate to authentication approaches that are compliant with SCA.


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