FRONTeO Open Banking, the global solution, quick to install, whatever your strategy


Whatever the strategy chosen by the Bank, Fronteo Open Banking is a complete solution for banks or other financial institutions participating in the PSD2 ecosystem.


FRONTEO Open Banking, now available !

By installing FRONTeO Open Banking, the Bank benefits from all the advantages of an omnichannel platform, which facilitates the implementation of IT governance rules imposed by PSD2.

  • High availability 24X7X365
  • Seamless integration with other channels (web, mobile a.o.)
  • GDPR compliant
  • In line with RTS security requirements
  • Monitoring and analytics
  • Integration with the core banking system
  • Also available in SaaS mode

FRONTeO Open Banking and MAINSYS, for the success of your PSD2 project

By choosing FRONTeO Open Banking, you effectively meet PSD2 requirements and prepare for the future with an omnichannel suite ready for innovative services. As a specialist in Front Office solutions and interfaces with Core Banking, MAINSYS has a strong expertise in security management. FRONTeO Open Banking benefits from our strong experience in web and mobile security.

This platform offers a coherent approach to the implementation of an omnichannel strategy, at a controlled cost. Installed in several Belgian and French financial institutions, FRONTeO is a proven solution. It is based on the latest generation of Web technologies: Java, Ajax, SOA services, ...

Independent of the Back-office solutions and quite modular, it allows a gradual introduction of the bricks of a global omnichannel architecture.
With MAINSYS, you have a unique partner, expert in fast integration of Front-Office solutions into complex IT landscapes.

Customer centricity is a key aspect to position the Bank in the new customer eco-system. Be present in your customer journey through APIs, allowing other services offered by third parties.
Discover the 6 mistakes to avoid for the success of your PSD2 project.

Pierre-Philippe BASTIN - Head of Architecture

 FRONTeO Open Banking is available in SaaS mode.


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