Mobile banking

A unique application for all mobiles

Offering mobile financial services is a major target in order to stay competitive in the financial service industry.

FRONTeO Mobile offers the best of breed in term of mobile banking application. We have created a smooth and blazingly fast application that runs on iOS and Android.

A large set of Modules

FRONTeO Mobile banking is a solution that gives banks the software components and expertise to deliver powerful, state-of-the-art mobile banking services with minimum impact on implementation timeframes.

Our solutions offer a wealth of features, including:

Mobile subscription


  • KYC
  • Online subscription
  • Account
  • List of accounts
  • Account history
  • Movement details
  • Payment
  • Creation of transfer for existing beneficiaries
  • Transactions in progress (memo transfer included)
  • Credit card
  • Balance and operations


  • List of accounts
  • Term deposits
  • Securities accounts
  • Account position and last valorization

Other features

  • Secured mailing
  • Market information