A global platform for web & mobile banking

FRONTeO e-Banking is a multichannel web & mobile banking solution, developed for retail and corporate banks, allowing your private and business customers to manage their financial position and execute transactions anytime and anywhere using their favorite device (PC, Mac, tablets, smartphones, …).

Client experience

A very large number of functionalities

FRONTeO e-Banking comes with a series of integrated ready-to-plug functionalities such as the management of Accounts, Payments, Beneficiaries, Investments, Loans, Insurances, etc.

End-users can fully personalize their preferences and thanks to the secured mail module, two-way exchanges of information (end-user to bank / bank to end-user) are now possible. FRONTeO e-Banking also manages one-to-one mailings as well as mass mailings, e.g. when launching new products during commercial campaigns. The solution also comes with customizable features for sending sms and e-mail alerts.

A Service Oriented Architecture

Based on a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) the solution can easily be integrated in your existing banking environment and will allow you to achieve gains due to its impressive time-to-market possibilities. Moreover, the most rigorous security features have been implemented using state-of-the-art tools and frameworks. External audits and intrusion tests have confirmed the implementation of the highest level of security.

By installing FRONTeO, you will benefit from a numerous series of advantages : the solution can be connected to all back-office systems, is multilingual, modular, SOA based, user friendly, 24/7 available, evolutive and scalable.
Finally, FRONTeO has been developed using market standards, allowing to significantly reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO).

FRONTeO e-Banking is built around a series of standard components, based on a Multi-tier Architecture allowing an easy integration with any back-end system (and without dependence on downtime of back-end systems

The web-service components expose the business logic to the presentation layer. The exposed web-services can vary depending on the type channel (e.g. web banking, mobile banking, …).

A unique application for all mobiles

Offering mobile financial services is a major target in order to stay competitive in the financial service industry.
FRONTeO Mobile offers the best of breed in term of mobile banking application. We have created a smooth and blazingly fast application that runs on iOS and Android.

A large set of Modules

FRONTeO Mobile banking is a solution that gives banks the software components and expertise to deliver powerful, state-of-the-art mobile banking services with minimum impact on implementation timeframes.

Our solutions offer a wealth of features, including:

Mobile subscription


  • KYC
  • Online subscription
  • Account
  • List of accounts
  • Account history
  • Movement details
  • Payment
  • Creation of transfer for existing beneficiaries
  • Transactions in progress (memo transfer included)
  • Credit card
  • Balance and operations


  • List of accounts
  • Term deposits
  • Securities accounts
  • Account position and last valorization

Other features

  • Secured mailing
  • Market information