F2B Guarantees

Next generation guarantee platform

F2B Guarantees is a software platform that allows lenders & guarantee institutions to grant and manage guarantees intended for healthy companies that cannot provide sufficient traditional bank guarantees.


The application is the result of a forward-thinking technological solution with all the benefits of MAINSYS’ experience and knowledge in the lending and guarantee industry. It ensures a comfortable, quick and digitalized operation of the entire guarantee process.

F2B allows guarantee institutions to boost their business growth and removes the hassle from managing the guarantee portfolios.

Type of loans

Fast and easy setup and deployment

Thanks to its modern architecture and the expertise of our consultants, the setup and deployment of F2B Guarantees can be realized in a limited period of time. Our loan and guarantee specialists configure the software so that it exactly maps our client’s business needs and workflows, whether they are new players or experienced guarantee institutions.

Supporting the entire guarantee process through an omnichannel approach

F2B Guarantees supports the origination process as well as the complete life cycle management of the guarantees. Users from the different channels connect to the application where they have access to a selection of functionalities depending on their profile.

In many cases, guarantees need to be handled by different parties. F2B fully supports this approach not only during the origination phase but also during the entire life cycle.

Simplify guarantee origination and administration

Looking to keep up with rapidly changing customer demands and needing a lean and agile system for credit guarantees? F2B Guarantees reduces the cost and risk of maintaining legacy systems in line with regulations and changing market evolutions for digitalizing the entire process. Whether you’re a guarantee institution, a bank, an online lender or an alternative financing company, F2B has your credit guarantee needs covered. Our approach to software development and delivery is an agile product company that intimately works together with our customers to take away pains and deliver gains. This product orientation enables us to deliver our solutions at record breaking speed, reduce implementation costs and continuously upgrade our applications with the latest advancements in our software.

Benefits of F2B Guarantees

  • Pre-configured guarantee processes and workflows
  • Omnichannel support
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Standard solution, fast implementation
  • Convenient for small, medium and large institutions
  • Modular, flexible and scalable
  • Multi company support
  • Extensive integration capabilities
  • Cloud SaaS or On premise deployment
  • Facilitate communication and interactions between banks and guarantee institution 


Screen F2B Guarantees

Cloud SaaS or On premise deployment

By choosing F2B’s platform, banks and credit providers get end-to-end system support for guarantee processing. All modules are available with a choice of standard sourcing options. You can choose software licenses or let MAINSYS take care of hosting with Software as a Service (SaaS). Select the sourcing option that suits your business needs:

  • License
  • SaaS

Future proof

F2B Guarantees is continuously enriched, providing our customers with regular system updates to ensure top performance and a high level of security. We aim to release new functionalities and features on a regular basis by also taking advantage of the general advances in information technology.



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