The perfect link between a financial institution and third parties.

CoCPit is a global and modular web-based solution for managing the multiple communication flows taking place between a financial institution and third parties. The solution is installed at the financial institution where it is connected to the back-office system(s) for collecting data to be reported, and to the front & middle-office systems for consultation purposes. It can be connected to a large series of organisations such as the National Bank, Identifin, Credit Insurers, etc.

CoCPit is a comprehensive service-oriented platform consisting of standardized technical components for the communication combined with extended business functionalities. It allows to optimize the operational processes of financial institutions.

Some of CoCPit's advantages :

  • the solution can be fully integrated in existing business processes,
  • CoCPit manages errors and rejected records,
  • the communication flows are as much as possible automated as to limit manual interventions,
  • CoCPit hides the complexity of processes, allowing the users to focus on relevant issues.

The screen below shows an example of a creation of an AnaCredit dataset through CoCPit's user interface.


The spirit of CoCPit is to be functionally flexible. Financial institutions can choose what module(s) they want to install depending on their specific communication needs.

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