Accelerate your digital banking transformation with MAINSYS Cloud SaaS applications


Customized, connected and secured.

SaaS is a way of consuming IT that is resolutely service oriented. It has become a lever of efficiency and performance for Banks. This is why MAINSYS offers its customers the benefit of all the banking expertise of its software in SaaS mode.
The global offer of services is delivered in the form of a subscription. It is guaranteed by a commitment of quality  and delivered on a solid reference cloud platform (AWS).
For MAINSYS customers, the subscription includes the provision of infrastructure, the hosting of MAINSYS banking applications on the cloud according to the strictest security standards, their operation and maintenance, updates, backup management and the support.

Customer success

To meet the new PSD2 directive, My Partner Bank has chosen FRONTeO Open Banking as a SaaS solution . In three months, the software has been installed, configured and put into production within the desired time.

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