Business Ethics

“MAINSYS constant growth was obtained through quality work and built on ethical values. These essential values contribute positively to our professional relationships.”

Ethical Relationships

Committed to strict compliance with laws and regulations relating to ethical business practices, MAINSYS GROUP creates with its partners, employees and clients a climate of mutual trust based upon the values listed in our Charter:

  • Integrity,
  • Professionalism,
  • Honesty,
  • Dialogue,
  • Respect,...

Social Responsibility

Respect for the values of the group included in our Charter is essential for MAINSYS. We and all our partners have to respect the human rights (no child labor, decent working conditions, anti-discrimination, gender equality,…). MAINSYS has always controlled its growth and reinvests a significant portion of its profits to support its internal development projects. 85% of the shareholding of MAINSYS is composed of active shareholders and they are the ones who initiated the establishment of the eco-friendly policy and they actively support it. As listed on our website, MAINSYS’ flat hierarchical structure allows greater involvement of the participants at the project level. It results in the establishment of a long term relationship with our employees based on listening and dialogue (participation in the Works Council).
Diversity is a subject that is very important to us: in general, we consider diversity to be an integral part of the quality of life at work. Consistent with its values and involvement in the social economy, MAINSYS has naturally committed itself to the promotion of diversity. We have, for example, reviewed the recruitment process and, in particular, the wording of the job descriptions, to avoid discrimination.
As we recruit a lot of junior graduates, MAINSYS is attentive to the establishment of partnerships with universities to foster close and meaningful interactions between students and the corporate world (by providing interesting internships to students for example). MAINSYS also supports non-profit organizations through the purchase of various supplies (for instance our calendars help fund ‘Doctors without borders’ ...). We also participate in sports events while helping raise funds for a set of associations (MSF / Handicap International with 20Km of Brussels, Research against Cancer with the race ‘La Parisienne’…). Moreover, every time we upgrade our IT installation, all obsolete computer equipment is donated to local organizations (schools mostly) or is recycled.

Environmental responsibility

Concerned with issues about the protection and enhancement of the environment but also mindful to contribute to the improvement of working conditions, MAINSYS began setting up an eco-friendly approach in 2012. MAINSYS thereby participated actively in establishing a Green Lease for a more sustainable management of the building in which it has its registered offices in Brussels. MAINSYS also obtained in June 2013 the Label ‘Entreprise Ecodynamique’ granted by the Brussels Environment (IBGE/BIM) for 3 years. This label rewards on the one hand the efforts made by the company in the management of natural resources (energy, water, ...) and on the other hand its ecological approach (use of recycled paper, non-use of products harmful to health and the environment ...). A complete assessment was made to monitor and reduce the electricity consumption in all premises of the Group. For instance, in the Headquarters in Brussels, the lighting system was changed for a more energy efficient one (with motion sensors so that only the occupied areas are lit). A major effort was conducted at the Research & Development Center in LLN to renew the IT infrastructure, outsource and virtualize servers in order to control the energy costs related to the development of our solutions.
In January 2017 our label ‘Entreprise Ecodynamique’ was extended until 2018.


A Travel Policy sets out the rules of good practice for business trips (priority to conference calls and travel by train when possible...). As a Services company, our main source of CO2 emissions resides in our car fleet. So, as a rule, the use of public transportations is encouraged and for the choice of company cars, MAINSYS defined a limit value for the CO2 emissions, thus favoring less polluting or hybrid vehicles.

Sustainable Procurement policy

In 2012, MAINSYS established sustainable criteria for the selection of partners and suppliers. First and foremost, we are looking for partners who respect human rights (no child labor, decent working conditions,…).
MAINSYS gives preference to environmentally friendly products whose quality, function, and cost are equal or superior to more traditional products, focusing on the following environmental factors:

  • Toxicity, especially the use of persistent, bio-accumulative and toxic chemicals
  • Energy consumption
  • Greenhouse gas emissions
  • Waste generation
  • Depletion of natural resources,…

For all consumables, MAINSYS favors the ecological products and those not harmful to the environment. We order the majority of our office supplies (recycled paper, consumables, tea, sugar… ) from a Green supplier because of their strong ecological and sustainable commitment.
Also important for MAINSYS is the use of local businesses. For example in order to reduce our CO2 footprint, when we organize team buildings or corporate events we insist that the food comes from local origin.
We are aware of constantly renewed opportunities to expand and improve our CSR action by the emergence of new technologies / best practices. We are willing to develop and strengthen our social involvement while continuing our effort to reduce our carbon footprint.