Human Skills

« Our profession requires indeed a strong knowledge both in IT and in the banking and financial domain, but the central point remains our staff's personal fulfillment. » Gauthier Storm

The main asset of MAINSYS is definitely its people. MAINSYS has employed an increasing number of top-quality graduates with extensive experience in IT and trained to meet the requirements of the financial environment. All consultants are devoted to their profession and view customer service as their main concern. Working in close cooperation with all project participants, they entirely dedicate themselves to the success of their missions.

The relationship existing within our teams as well as with the teams of our clients are based on a spirit of constructive, dynamic and respectful cooperation.

“We find it essential to create a deep feeling of membership and pride for a company that focuses all its efforts on the quality of the deliveries.”  Gauthier Storm   

Building a strong company culture represents a daily implication. Our internal seminars, team-building, sports or cultural activities are ideal opportunities for getting to know your colleagues in a less formal environment.