F2B Investment Advice

An innovative approach

F2B Investment Advice improves and standardizes the provision of advice to a client or group of clients. This solution covers the business of investment advice (pensions, investments, cash) for “Mass Affluent” and Private Banking clients. The module also allows the establishment of an investment strategy based on the amounts available and time horizons desired by the client.

 Fronteo WM Advice

An intuitive and unique design

F2B Investment Advice delivers an innovative integrated web-based software in the domains of Investment advisory, Asset allocation, Risk (risk profile) and Performance management (reporting). Thanks to an intuitive sequencing, it allows the institution to define the client’s objectives, financial resources available for it, the risk profile and the introduction of automated investment strategy reconciling these different parameters.

 Fronteo WM screen

Focused on the client's projects

Installing F2B Investment Advice provides you and your clients with a large amount of benefits:

For the client :

  • Elimination of advisor's bias of perception when determining the risk profile of the client.
  • Intuitive identification of the client's projects and assisted constitution of a reserve for the unexpected events.
  • Implementation of an investment strategy in accordance with the priorities and risk levels, while optimizing available resources.
  • Possibility to define individual and/or common strategies (household, groups). Intuitive presentation of results and operations.

Fronteo WM Client

For the financial institution :

  • Significant improvement and simplification in the provision of advice.
  • Identification of the customer's needs (including single investment without purpose) and determination of risk profiles.
  • Homogenization of advice services within the group.
  • Development of the services offered via identification of external client assets.
  • Ability to integrate and disseminate new products by simple integration into the platform.

A modern architecture

By installing F2B Investment Advice, you will benefit from numerous advantages: the solution can be connected to any back-office system, is multilingual, modular, SOA based, user friendly, 24/7 available and scalable. Finally, the product has been developed using market standards, allowing to significantly reduce the total
cost of ownership (TCO).

F2B Investment Advice is built around a 3-tier technical architecture :

  • A multi-channel client: This component represents the GUI and is customer specific. The CSS implementation allows designing your own look and feel.
  • An application server: This component contains the business logic.
  • A database server: All front and middle office data are stored in FRONTeO’s database.

ESB: The Enterprise Service Bus component is responsible for data transformation and transport between the front-end and the back-end system(s). The ESB connectivity allows exchanging on-line messages and is able to process data in a Straight Trough mode (STP) without any manual intervention.

 Architecture Fronteo

Having its own database, F2B Investment Advice offers our customers extensive reporting possibilities (MIS, pipeline reports, statistics, average loan selling durations, etc.).