Governance structure

Management Board:

  • Pierre Lemaire, Managing partner and CEO
  • Jean-Marie Thibaut, Managing partner and COO
  • Bernard Clerbois, Managing Partner
  • Stéphane Léchaudé, Managing Partner
  • Pierre Ramaekers, Managing Partner and  General Manager France - Portugal
  • Gauthier Storm, Managing Director and CCO
  • Jean-Valéry Duvieusart, Managing Partner
  • Alexandre Degrijse, Managing Director and CR&DO
  • Serge Fonteyn, Managing Director and CHRO
  • Joel Bernaert, Managing Director

“For MAINSYS Board members, management does not mean imposing their view, it means combining all the opinions to build together a better solution.” Bernard Clerbois

MAINSYS has opted for a horizontal hierarchy for flexibility and reactivity reasons. This type of management organizes the company by creating temporary project teams which have the complementary skills necessary for the successful outcome of the mission. The staff members are gathered according to their expertise into different departments and work under demanding constrains in terms of costs, delays and performance as long as needed by the project. They work under the responsibility of a project manager.

“This kind of structure allows a better understanding of each other's work and an excellent training, resulting in a faster and better conception phase. Moreover, the internal distribution of the resources becomes more flexible and related to the needs as the tasks are executed simultaneously and not sequentially anymore.” Jean-Valéry Duvieusart

Therefore, MAINSYS gives motivated people the opportunity to ascend to high responsibility functions. This means working on exciting and diverse missions, rapidly gaining experience and reaching a better level of autonomy and independence.